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Funding / Grant Applications

Please Download the Funding Application Form.

Please fill in the form and send it in to the Leith Benevolent Association.

Guidance Notes for Applicants

Persons applying to the trust for assistance must clearly bear in mind the terms of reference by which the Trustees will consider their case.

Projects Considered

The Trust funds shall be used to support the following objectives in Leith and the surrounding area:

  1. The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage
  2. The advancement of citizenship or community development
  3. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement
  4. The advancement of education
  5. The provision of recreational facilities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended

Tell us about your Project

Applications to the Trust could usefully contain the following statements:

  1. A brief background of the organisation/persons making the application together with the names of referees and a copy of the Report and Accounts or income statement if applicable
  2. The way in which the application is intended to benefit people or places in Leith and/or the surrounding area
  3. A detailed list of requirements including quotations for the supply of equipment and services as appropriate
  4. An explanation of how any assets provided by the Trust would be properly housed and safeguarded
  5. An undertaking to report back to the Trustees on the progress and success of the proposal

Further Information

It is the intention of the Trustees to give grants where financial hardship/difficulty is experienced but not to bodies whose finances are wholly met from public monies, except in exceptional circumstances.

Applications for financial assistance require to comply with the intentions of the Trust and any decision made by the Trustees is final.

Applicants who are offered a grant will be required to undertake to report to the Trustees on the progress of their project and its success.


The Trustees generally determine awards at their meetings in September and February. All applicantions should be recieved by the Administrator no later than by the end of August and January preceding each meeting.

Further information or clarification may be obtained from the Administrator of the Trust.