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Some Typical Projects Funded by LBA

The following are among projects sponsored by Leith Benevolent Association since its reconstitution in 2005.

These projects may be seen not only as 'filling the gap' in the the services of official providers and larger charities but also as 'icing on the cake' providing a particular service where nothing similar existed before.

Funding may be requested for 'start-up' or 'on-going' projects. Equally, 'top up' or 'crises' funding could be considered. LBA does not seek to be an exclusive or an inflexible sponsor.

LBA's preference is to sponsor a wide range of projects. Applications, therefore, should be thought of in terms of a few hundred or thousands of pounds per annum, rather than tens of thousands. A really deserving larger project, however, might just find sponsorship by LBA or in combination with others.

The Clothing Store
which provides clothing for those in need.
Port of Leith Housing Authority
who aim to steer the disadvantaged away from unsociable activities
who deliver health programmes and food to the homeless.
Sikh Sanjog,
who help to integrate local Sikh women and their families into the broader community.
Vision for Leith
provide training on computers for pensioners were given help to buy computers.
Mobility Trust
were supported in the acquisition of a wheelchair.
offer an outward bound programme to disadvantaged children in order to allow them to discover an alternative to the poor situation into which they find themselves. A contribution was made to support
Calton Welfare Services
were given support to provide specialist training to meet modern regulatory requirements.
Citadel Youth Centre
were given contributions towards a new boiler and food preparation training.
were given assistance towards a pilot project for reminiscence work in 4 Leith care homes.
YWCA Lochend
were offered an award to support their work with girls in the community.
The Junction
have been assisted with two projects that have enabled them to expand their range of activities.
YWCA Roundabout Centre
have been given a contribution towards their summer school.
The Lochend Neighbourhood Centre
have been given three smaller grants to help with specific requirements that will enable an improvement to the service that they provide
Pilmeny Development Project
NE Edinburgh Older Men's Health and Well-Being Project
Top up funding to club providing a wide range of activities
Seagrove Centre
N Edinburgh Dementia Care
Funding a befriending service for patients in the community
Dr Bells Family Centre
Junction Place Leith
Funding for community café and créche and for community support services
Leith Acorn Centre YMCA
Junction Place Leith
Funding for a drop in centre and for youth work
NE Edinburgh Care Action Group
Top up funding to maintain a forum for older people and their carers to inform care services on the planning of services
Life Care
Funding for transport for Leith folk attending Stockbridge House
Holiday Fund
Provision for a holiday for a Leith child with Down's Syndrome recommended by the Sick Children's Hospital

The list will be extended as further awards are made twice yearly.